Sammy’s Story

by: Miles4Migrants

Over 3 years ago, Sammy came to the US from his home in South Sudan to attend his sister’s wedding. While he was in the U.S., fighting broke out in South Sudan, making it unsafe for him to return home. He was granted asylum to remain in the US, and he has been living and working in the Boston area since that time. 

Meanwhile, Sammy’s wife and children fled from South Sudan to Kenya, and Sammy was able to petition for them to join him here in America. The family received visas this fall, and this past weekend he was reunited with his wife and 10 children, including his youngest who he met for the first time at the airport!

Sammy’s family is reunited and enjoying their Christmas celebration today for the first time in 4 years together thanks to a generous donation of nearly 480K United miles.

Thanks to HIAS for your partnership, without which this family would not be together.

At Miles4Migrants, stories like Sammy’s are the reason we exist. We are grateful to our partners, our donors, and all the families we’ve supported and wish you all a very happy holiday season!