Husam’s Story

by: Husam, a Palestinian asylee in Belgium

I had begun to lose hope that I would see my family again after one year of separation away from my wife and cute daughters, but now I am feeling great and happy after my family arrived in Belgium! It was a bad feeling that I was safe in Belgium while my family was under fire, in danger, and a real threat to their life. 

Six months ago in March 2019, my house was damaged during by rockets from Israeli drones while my daughters and my wife were sleeping there at night. This incident left them in with psychological trauma to this day because the windows exploded onto their bodies while they were sleeping.

With help of CAW foundation in Belgium, I started the procedures of family reunion. It was a great moment when I heard from my wife that she got the visas to come to Belgium. But after that, I was afraid regarding my lack of money to pay for the travel costs – the air tickets. My daughters asked me about when we will be together they got their visas, but I didn’t have an answer in that moment because I hadn’t enough money for tickets. I want to thank the Asiel Migrant vzw Foundation represented by Ms. Stefanie for their remarkable effort as an intermediary between me and Miles4Migrants. I felt with a hope again when Mr. Seth at Miles4Migrants said the foundation would pay for my family’s tickets. Mr. Seth followed the path of my family minute by minute through Egypt to arrange the flight tickets for them. I hope you will have the ability to offer the same help to the M4M of the dispersed family later.

All thanks to Miles4Migrants for this humanitarian help. My children are attending school again in Belgium from the first week after they arrived, after being deprived of education due to the conflict in Palestine.

Finally, I would just like to say that the smile of a child is worth more than any amount of money.